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Originally Posted by thorhammer View Post
Good to hear. That's why I want some direction - here it seems that most people are into experimenting and playing with stuff, which is awesome, but, to take a chemistry analogy, where I'm at if you let me alone with the water and the pure sodium . . . it could get ugly!Yep, true. It's just that the LBRP is so . . . Christian-feeling . . . which makes my skin crawl. I know it's just ignorance, I need to be edu-ma-cated, but that will take time. And I find it hard to feel the ritual when its forms and symbols grate on me so.If I may be so bold - yes, the clocks still go the same way. But, as any n00b witch learns quickly in the SH, sunwise (deosil) and clockwise are not the same thing here. If you visualise yourself standing on the North Pole, and watch the sun go around the earth, it's in a clockwise direction, right? Now try it from the South Pole. It's anticlockwise . . . but still sunwise. As I understand it, the reason for the direction in magick of any kind is not based on clocks per se, but on the sun . . . sundials . . . clocks . So at a very fundamental level, I feel a need to go sunwise; i.e. anticlockwise. And from there . . . everything goes squiffy. Where is Auriel now? And if I go with the Nu-Sphere version, what about Hadit? This is where I'm coming unstuck, and it's something I know I'll probably have to do myself but it's so daunting to have to start from scratch. I feel like I've got a blindfold on.

I do appreciate the responses, though, and I hope I'm not coming over as argumentative - such is not my desire at all. Thanks for the help so far!
You can go counter-clockwise...that's fine!

Well it's not so much Christian as Judaic, but I get your drift. Do you not like Qabalistic names at all? Because that's where the Christian vibe comes from. If you do not like Qabalistic "mythology" you can substitute in Norse gods and goddess for example.

I think you are obsessing a little bit tho. Magick is not Chemistry; it deals with our emotions and our mind and our psyche....that's much more elusive than elements of a periodic table. I do agree some rules should be followed, but like I said, the main point is to center yourself in the four directions....this is traditional even to Native American Shamanism. Sooooo you have many options for creating this opening ritual.

The LBRP and the like are meant to clear your space, center you, and put you in the frame of mind for other magick. Just write your own ritual and stick to it. If you are not ready for that then stick to the LBRP. Don't be hung up on its origins just because modern Jews and Christians are so lame. There's good stuff in there :-)

I'm not sure of your problem with Hadit in the Nu-Sphere version. He's in the south for fire which makes as much sense as the rest of that ritual. Putting him outside myself doesn't work for me personally as I feel Hadit within me and not in a cardinal direction. Nuit is everywhere outside me and not in one particular quadrant either. If you really want to write a Thelemic one, we could do a lot better....

And just to put things in and straightening out your Temple space matters at least as much as drawing pentagrams in the air. What you are doing is a creating a sacred space that grows more sacred because you treat it as such. Trust in your higher self to work these things out over time.


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