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I would disagree with Neo on one very important point.
"The study of this book [Liber Al] is forbidden...Those who discuss the contents of this book are to be shunned by all as centers of pestilence."
I say read it once then burn it. For that matter, so did Crowley

In any case I would agree with his recommendations of the Solar Adorations and Star Ruby Ritual. Also, it was no accident that Crowley wrote a liber on duty to stand, along with the Solar Adorations and LBR, as the foundation for his entire order.
The Solar Adorations are performed daily by each and every last one of us. Correctly executing a banishing ritual is to properly perform the Great Work. & The Duties of the Adept are directly synonymous with his or her True Will.

Here's some secret OTO instructions and rituals that might help you with your practices and lessen your need to make any life-long commitments to a dead shell of a corrupt magical order that will probably only have temporary, if any, value to you.

I also threw in the famous AA trinity of self-initiation rituals, Pyramidos, Tuat and the impossibly rare 7 H K's, along with an original J.Liz map for arranging the Book of Lies into a complete system in 7 scrolls of 13
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