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Originally Posted by blood_master View Post
Well i'm not a summoner (goetic magus) so i dont know much about Djinn or demons since ive never contacted them directly but from what i have researched i believe some demons are not evil also ive seen more people besides MagickNinja state that Djinn are demons, daemons or genie, as some call them, i could be wrong though, if so i would appreciate if you could point me to a good source of information on the subject, currently i'm only intrested in information about demons from an Occultist standpoint, if i search google i usally just get info from Christian sorces, and that isn't usefull to me right now

I don't see the need to say something like this to someone though
The best book I found is 'The Magick Book' from the link at the top of the forum and its quite cheap too. It had everything I could have ever wished for in it.

Some are indeed good and some are bad, just like humans.

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