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Originally Posted by MagickNinja View Post
No, its fine, I quite like what you posted, I respect your attitude. Exactly, its my truth, I would never want to force it on anyone, its up to the person what they believe, I am just bringing my independent thought to the table when we are for example indoctrinated with modern science denying Magick etc. Trying to force is when you insult someone etc.

The rest of it might be getting into mob rules but I thought Djinn spaceships was at least 'Magick and mayhem'? To me, everyone is talking about different theories for the Djinn UFO's ,maybe I'm wrong - maybe that's just my experience, I'll put it in mob rules next time.

Thanks, I get it now, they feel subconsciously threatened of me forcing my beliefs, I honestly thought the template of what I was saying was universally believed being on a Magick forum, I would expect a different response on a science forum! I thought on a Magick forum everyone would at least be open minded to conspiracies whether or not they agree because Magick is possibly the biggest conspiracy! That's fine, if I wanted to force I would keep quiet altogether.

You gave the perfect response, you don't believe in some of the stuff I stated, but you can't prove its wrong either. I 100% respect that just as much as someone who was to agree with me, because both responses are 100% honest. It's not quantity ( that's pride and ego ) it's quality, that's all I care about.
I'm open minded, MN. I believe in things that most of the world would call insane, but I believe in them because they prove themselves to me, through rational belief, study and controlled experimentation, and direct experience. I respect others beliefs too, I'm very tolerant of conflicting beliefs as long as they're not based on fantasy, and tenuous theories. If they are, and someone starts shooting them around from a pedestal of their own creation, and putting it out there expecting it to be lapped up as gospel, I'm going to call bullshit. expect to be called out, and back up your claims with SOMETHING, rather than squealing and rolling on your back to play the stuck pig.

You're (I hope) a practicing magician. You should have courage of conviction, and an argument to back it back it up, yet all you have is childish protest, fingers in the ears "LALALALALA! I CANT HEAR YOU!!" Shit.

Pull your finger out of your ass and give it a sniff. You are a fool.
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