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Originally Posted by MagickNinja View Post
That's your desire, not a faith.
What the fuck are you talking about? That's an actual question, what the fuck are you talking about? Nothing you say makes any sense, none of it, I bet you struggle to shit for days after this exchange. You can't stand being called out for your blatant bullshit can you.

MagickNinja. Get down off your giant wooden pony, stop preaching shit you know nothing about to people who might be dumb enough to believe you, and/or take you seriously, and go shuffle of the edge of the earth. Maybe one of the Djinn space ships will catch you and turn you into a reptialian, then drop you off with the British royal family in Scotland, where you're anally raped with a knife by Roald Dahl, while Bill Hicks quaffs fine brandy and points, and laughs.
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