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Default My Extended Tree Of Life Ceremony

Greetings Fools! Ha Ha,

Okay, here is a synopsis of what I am involved in at the current time:

2-24 hours prior to Ritual: Sometimes fast for 24 hours, usually do a weight training workout with moderate weight and high reps.

Approx 1 1/2 hours prior to Ritual: Prepare and ingest Elixir/Shamanic substance.

Boot up home audio system. This is one kick ass system! A lot of Occulty stuff, metal, oldies, and rock and roll.

Change into Ritual Attire, right now consisting of yellow gold pants, and yellow gold shirt, solid color. No shoes, but wear white socks.

Do what I'm doing now.

Activate the Screens, since I am doing a Ritual of Tiphareth in Beriah(transitioned recently from Atziluth). I have real Sun feeds, plus static screens of the Kingdom Colors.

Preliminary Conjuration: Fire up the Burner, Passion Catalyst begins to take hold during this time usually, although I can feel it now a bit!

Primary Conjuration: Fire up the Ritual Candle which is yellow gold at the moment.

I have Ritual specific and global symbolism.

During the three Ritual segments, I listen to music and vibrate/sing words of power, meditate on the video feeds sometimes, talk to the Gods heh. Ra!

Magickal, Mystical, Fractical!

Cheers Friends,
Good to be here!
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