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Originally Posted by MagickNinja View Post
So, there have been witness reports that the Royal family of the UK engage in cannibalism at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Former sex slaves have spoken out, reporting that the queen mother morphed into a reptilian creature, with the head of a bird just like in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and stuck a knife up the backside of a 13 year old and 18 year old boy killing them.

They had performed their own version of the banishing of the pentagram and this was a sacrifice to their Djinn for immortality.

Prince Charles and the Queen are often said to argue over who eats which body part of the remains.

It wouldn't surprise me ; Max Clifford - queens personal pr agent = convicted paedo, Paul Kidd - queens butler = convited paedo, Jimmy saville = close royal friend = convicted paedo, Lord justice Fulford = Queens personal advisor = convicted paedo.

Most of these were convicted of orchestrating paedophelia on an industrial scale.

Well, accounts state that when the queen mother morphed into the reptile, she turned one of the maids into a mouse and stepped on her squashing her dead before squeezing out the blood like a drink and then eating the body, just for fun, for the lulz, not even as a sacrifice to the Djinn.

Well, it's ironic because this reminds me of Roald Dahl 'The Witches' , it was a very similar story.

I wonder if Mr. Dahl is involed in the occult or somewhat knowledgeable?

When some of the sex slaves on look in horror the royals are said to laugh at them, saying "Who would ever believe you?!!"

Good point.
Roald Dahl is dead, so no. Probably not.
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