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pAmphAge 10-04-2007 02:37 AM

How to increase the intensity of daemon invocations?
This is a reply to the question from another thread:

"If someone has some time can they explain more on sex magic. im not new to high magick but I'm wondering how you can use sex to fuel an evocation."

The basics of sex magick with regards to practical results are really pretty simple.

As in most magick the trick is to get a proper *intent* embedded into the deepest stratus of the subconscious where it can manifest unimpeded by the conscious day-to-day mind.

In sex magick this is primarily carried out through a "gnosis" that occurs at orgasm. In other words, when you usually yell, "oh god, oh god!" is traditionally a good time to implant a sigil or to summon a demon.

Solo sex magick of this sort is over-hyped on the internet however and does not work as well as sometimes purported. If it did, every 15 year old with a passing knowledge of "Chaos Magick" would be driving around in a Lamborghini with a blond, a brunette and a redhead inside. This is not to say the method is completely without merit, but rather to point out that it is commonly misused and improperly applied. It's best used when combined with other methods.

There are other methods of sex magick too, such as exhausting a "seer" through sexual encounters extended for hours and days on end until they are in the vision realm, but kept awake so that they can share their visions. This in my opinion would give excellent results for demon evocation though I have yet had the opportunity to try such a delectable treat.

If one were solo, one could perhaps take a hit of LSD or other favorite hallucinogen and summon up a demonlover as a succubus. She will come, I guarantee that much.

Sex magick in lucid dreaming is as powerful as it gets, but you have to learn to lucid dream first so I'm not sure this is what most people consider sex magick.

These are all just to give you an idea what is possible solo.

For couples I think its virtually endless what they could come up with. Intensity is key, and so is sincerity of intent. But other than that I think there are endless opportunities for devising devilishly fun and efficacious rituals. You know who and I have done one with dozens of mirrors of various sizes scattered around the room lit with only candles. This combined with hours of sex and (too much) incense and we were high as kites (drug free)! We were hallucinating our conjurations vividly to say the least.

Sex magick, as far as demon evocation/invocation is concerned, is just another method to alter the day to day consciousness enough to communicate with the demon. Therefore there are many other useful methods that don't require sex whatsoever and many methods that can be combined with sex magick. It's more of a jump and practice sort of thing to work out the details for oneself. Hopefully that's enough detail to get you started.


Chronozon 10-04-2007 02:44 AM

thanks for your reply,
Ive always thought Izabael was good at communicating through lucid dreaming since my first encounter but havent mastered it myself to be able to use it at will

Ive tried communicating through a scrying mirror but for me this isn't the best way for this spirit, strangely enough Izabael manifest faster just visualizing her standing in front of you and sure enough the impressions start coming in.

well i have asked for her help to learn about sex magic and and the best way to evocate her.
I couldn't find a partner that would do any magickal acts, if i mentioned that I would turn them of LOL theres good things to being solo. unless you and your parter were on a deep level there would be too many variables in my opinion. the only hallucinogen I have is Calea Zacatechichi, it very mild but does help lucid dreaming.

I have to keep on the look out now for signs that Izabael is doing something. last time I got a date and im sure Izabael was behind that. If thats possible than Im sure the answers will manifest in due time.

Izabael DaJinn 10-05-2007 04:47 AM

the only hallucinogen I have is Calea Zacatechichi, it very mild but does help lucid dreaming.

Awesome! I have never tried it but I'm ordering some now. That would be helpful for a lot of people if I could report positive results.

Yeah, you aren't the only one to notice Izabael doesn't summon so well when overly confined. She tends to speak through omens...her symbol is the breeze. How can you contain a breeze? Better to understand the meaning of the wind's rustling....................:)

Chronozon 10-05-2007 05:51 AM

omg what you said is so true, when you said her symbol is the breeze. and butterfly's too.
when I was outside once and doing an open eye visualization type thing while having a smoke. the picture came crystal clear like a ghost somewhat and I strong breeze went by and I felt a presence that I was sure was her.

Isn't it amazing :D I take these little things for granted but this spirit has taught me alot about learning to read messages in signs and stuff. the time it takes from just a though and thinking about izabael and a question to getting a sign is really fast. and the signs can be quite spectacular. She can find hidden truths very well O.O bringing things into the open (people and events) and brings to you beautiful women :D hahaha. pleasure is not to be ashamed of but sexual attraction is the driving force that creates life.

This is different than the goetia spirits that you have to have strict ceremonial process and something that is more like using direct force. In my opinion goetia spirits manifest very strong. they can fill the room with thick atmosphere that can suffocate you O.O something with fear helps bring out this part of you. like fear creates a type of trance. but it also is dangerous because the mind can become the fear in itself. nothing wrong with facing your own demons. should be a form of getting in touch with your darker sides and in turn helps you conquer that and become in control. making you more masterful. and less prone to sudden acts of violence and evil that is out of character.

Izabael has a darker side too that I have encountered recently. it is more demonic and geotia like. and her form can be feminine but demonic like.
maybe another spirit or a familiar or and actual part of her personality im not sure. still looking into this.

I have done evocations of Izabael over the span of a week performing the ritual every night at the same time. LBRP LBRP and so forth and gazing into a mirror and only gotten some forgotten recollection of my past like a typical scrying session. with nothing significant but In the time before falling asleep I have gotten better results than weeks of ceremonial work

Calea Zacatechichi is very bitter tasting. I recommend a couple of joints before bed. and you will get a slight euphoric feeling like smoking marijuana and falling asleep will be harder but you will find when you sleep that the level of sleep wont go into deep levels so that you will be more on the awake asleep threshold that you get like the few hours before waking up when your dreams are more frequent and vivid. but your quality of sleep wont be as good and you may wake up feeling more tired than usual.

Nion 10-16-2007 01:57 AM

Hmm .. hallucinatory stuff. (you probably have these)

*cinnamon oil - may sound weird, but in the right dosages in certain popular & Crowley recommended oils containing and comprized mainly of cinnamon oil - it can indeed become quite psychoactive (moses oil [receipe in the Bible] for example). Careful, this stuff will turn that pretty white skin, red. [i do not suggest using it as a sexual lube under any circumstances despite temptation]

*absinthe - particularly if it contains cardomom as well as Artemisia Absintheum, and that's before theugern(sp) or whatever that stuff is that people used to dose with Green Faery (the stuff coming out of South America - legal & on the shelf - doesn't have this stuff & has extremely low levels of A.A.) ~ also, abby is theorhetically good for ridding oneself of parasites and must be treated with respect (might want to lay off if you're turning grey)

*basic street - i'd favor cactus before pizza personally and the lab creation - does practicly nothing for me any more

*broom - never had it personally, but i hear it'll knock you silly . the Witch I know who has access to it, says it's very useful for certain types of magick, particularly "flight" or astral travel - some people are pretty stingy about their personal herb garden's good luck finding it .b.t.w. it's only semi-legal [just not really policed any more]

*deadly nightshade tea - one person I know, is good enough with this stuff to brew a drinkable tea, that not only tastes great and refreshes your thirst, but causes a nice little lucid dreaming episode (however, being that she's really careful, she wont guide my dreams because I create dreamscapes for others by literally occupying a space close to them astrally & she thinks i could accidently hurt someone and doesn't want to be responsible) -Dont try to brew this unless you're sure about the dosage (which i can't supply you)- certain individuals I know have also referred to this 'potion' as their "sleep spell" & believe me, building tolerance takes a while [however i am now capable of receiving whatever the full dose is & driving my car home before an hours nap - typically lasts 48 hours]

*salvia divinorum - best time i had with this involved seeing the old Viking Style - White Queen - welcoming me to the amuzement park, that I'd never be leaving (one of those old Norse hell's I think - dunno, i was around some Norse shamans & i think i was getting their messages) at this point, the whole damn house was spliting into pieces and being carried off on a giant ferris-wheel (this was with a x35 potency - two-toke, hold it for 60 seconds type hit) & I found the situation hilarious and began cackling like a mad old sorcerer. Friends have reported particularly increased results when working any sort of magick surrounding the manipulation of Time with this substance - with verifiable increases in not only the number of 'faster than light' brain particles, but actual precision around the predictions allowed by the window of bio-chemical agetants present. (as such, I'm pretty sure I'm damned in the eyes of Odin (but then, I haven't stabbed anyone recently)) - dont worry, for as intense as it is, it's over in a few seconds [based on similarity of results, i've asked the Witch if this stuff is the same as broom, she said no, and insists it's not even in the same family]

*homemade wine - good homemade wine, ventnered out in the mountains and left until you come back for it a few months later - will damn sure alter your reality

*moonshine - not really all that great spiritually, however, any lucid conciousness can be made useful with the right techniques - and you'll certainly have that; also great for degreasing someone's engine as a practicle joke ~ believe it or not, if the brewer knows what they're doing, this stuff can actually taste good; as well as not kill you - make sure you know your brewer, some folks experiment alchemically with this stuff - hence why people die occasionally from mercury poisoning (well - that and brewing practices that they perhaps know nothing about, cuz that's how pappy did it) and at any rate - you're the guniea-pig.

*Devil's Root - yeah, remember the book 'Food of the Gods'? Topics of drug use being used in shamanism as presented to the western mind stated:
this is the most powerful hallucinagen on the planet & i do not recommend mixing it with other drugs until it is experienced by itself first.
personal: Reality seemed to shift in & out for 3 days. I did pretty good only ending up in a mental hospital for a couple nights after the third straight day without sleep as a result of taking a hit, (unwarned as it was) ... I can offer no explaination as to how that came about, nor as to why I wasn't arrested for killing the people who dosed me.
advice: Be careful what you ask for, even in passing, even if you're by yourself. Just like Izabael warns. :)
research: I have seen multiple videos of various experienced individuals that I know, while under the affects of this drug. Hours of footage a piece. I can only conclude, that these individuals do not know where the hell they are - let alone - who they're around, for days at a time. Musical aptitudes involving dance or performing seem to be increased as the drug does indeed affect concentration in positive ways - for short periods. Pain tolerance is at an all time high. Strength is governed by immediate addrenaline supply at the slightest aggressive behavior. I was suddenly a force of destruction in the hospital & it required 25 individuals to restrain me & it still took a half hour: at one point, I was literally climbing a hallway like a spider, with people hanging off of me and two even mounted on my back. -DO NOT- Irritate individuals under the effects. Also - application of Thorazine, does not guarantee sleep. However, the shock, caused by your organs actually shutting down from the clash - will - after a painful 3.5 hours (given a constitution similar to my own).
assessment: this drug does indeed make everything I've mentioned, including the street drugs, on level with a hershey bar - by comparison.
magical application: I'm not sure how far it goes. I only managed to complete a rite to evoke an Angel successfully. After that - I was a little too chaotic, accept to notice the 'drug spirits' which seemed to be randomly appearing genomes. (i go ahead and mention there are common hallucinatory beings that are seen on this drug - but i wont tell you what - just in case you experiment - i can verify in private if you need)
recommendation: If you MUST try this, make sure you A) will not end up in a mental hospital, B) know you're going to do it C) have a babysitter you can trust D) do not operate heavy machinery or pilot your leer jet (or car - OR bumpercar - not even at a fair) [i know one of you is bound to insist that you immediately go out and start jackhammering the streets in the middle of rush-hour along with a crew of your friends dressed in construction gear ~ just because i said this ... but ... ]

.... DOH ... I wrote a book. Oh well. Hope maybe this stuff helps.

pAmphAge 10-17-2007 08:15 AM

Nion: Thanks for that post. It's excellent. You have a wide range of experience. A couple questions for my ignorance:

By Devil's Root do you mean "Datura"? Also known as Jimson's Weed or Devil's Weed--I don't often see it referred to as "root." It sounds like you are describing Datura, but I want to make sure.

Second I'm a little confused about "broom" too. Datura has also been known to produce that flying effect and been known to be used by witches who can "fly." When I search on brooms though I get this:

Bean family (Leguminosae)

There is some confusion as to which is the most potent of the three species of brooms used for their psychotropic effects. According to the paper first reporting the discovery of the effects of these plants, the blossoms of Canary Island broom were the "most pleasant and effective" of the three. This is also the species used by Yaqui shamans. Some herbals claim that Spanish broom tops are five times as strong as Scotch broom, while other sources claim that the alkaloid content of the Scotch broom is higher than that of the other two. To clarify (or confuse) the issue, it has been found that alkaloid content varies with environment."

However, I also found this:

"The popular icon of a witch is an ugly old woman riding across the sky on her magic broomstick and wearing a pointed hat. But as with all mythologies there is an element of truth behind the image. Witches did ride brooms, after a fashion, the brooms were magic, in a way, and the pointed hat was the mildest of the punishments inflicted on them for their activities!

During the time leading up to the witchcraft trials in Europe, the staple bread was made with rye. In a small town where the bread was fresh baked this was just fine, but as Europe began to urbanize and the bread took more time to get from bakery to grocer, the rye bread began to host a mold called 'ergot'.

Ergot, in high doses, can be lethal, a fact that led to the rise in popularity of wheat bread, which is resistant to ergot mold.

In smaller doses, ergot is a powerful hallucinogenic drug. And because the enjoyment of such things is not confined to this age alone, it became quite popular among those who were inclined towards herbalism and folk cures. It's mentioned in Shakespeare's plays, and turns up in virtually every contemporary writing of the witchcraft age. In particular, it is the inevitable central ingredient in the ointment that witches rubbed their broomsticks with.

You see, when eaten, there was the risk of death, but when absorbed through the thin tissues of the female genitals, the hallucinogenic effects were more pronounced with less ill-effects. The modern image of a witch riding a broomstick was inspired by the sight of a woman rubbing herself on the drug coated smooth stick of her broom, writhing in the throes of hallucinations, and no doubt, some intense orgasms as well. To her unsophisticated neighbors, such a sight would have been terrifying. The lack of an equivalent mechanism for men is one reason why "witchcraft" was seen as a predominantly female phenomenon. The addition of clothing to the witch is a modern embellishment to protect 'Family Values'."

So which witch is witch? ;-)

Great post, Nion. Thanks again.


Nion 10-19-2007 08:31 PM

As to what precisely Broom really is, I dont know - she wont share it and wont really answer questions. Believe me I've tried. The only thing I ever saw about anything even named 'broom' over the internet was a reference to some sort of natural high, substance, which was some type of substance which is smoked for psychotropic effects or used as an ingrediant in a balm of some type; and other properties from having some other active ingrediant, maybe possibly willow (aspirin). As for it actually being something 'ergot' based - this possibility has also occured to me when I was allowed to look into her dedicated space, especially since her particular favorite broom, is a self-hand-made corn husk type & I just sort of 'glitched' a referance to 'Children of the Corn' for no apparent reason. Even on the little clarification over that - she simply said, 'you're full of guesses aren't you - just not going to give up until you know for sure?' So yes, thanks for the info. I may have been excluded from a visual demonstration, soley because I told this particular lady that I wasn't around to get it on. haha ;) BUT .. all of that aside, seriously thanks for that great link, that helps quite a bit.

Devil's Root - Yes, this is merely my preferred name for "jimson weed".
Pretty rough stuff - but not entirely without uses. I'd say it might be great for someone who was having Faith issues & not wanting to take the time to build it to force a materialization w/ any given spirit. However, be warned, it does not come without a price. At the very least, individuals will likely undergo serious-severe dehydration & require a good friend in their presense for a long period of time - to keep them out of trouble. At that, it's also possible you could end up in a bad situation if you simply aren't aware it's in your system. So, even if anyone out there is going to try to process it, so that it can be ingested, be sure you're covered up good & dont leave it out, near the sugar & coffee stuff so someone accidentally uses it for a sweetner in their tea or a flavor for their coffee, by mistake. (DOH!)

A single solitary individual, has hinted, that his continued use of Devil's Root - has resulted in being able to function added by the enhancements while under its effects & it not be apparant that he's tripping to anyone. He stated it took a few months of continued redosing, with occasional breaks for sleep. However, the individual still seemed interested in obtaining buttons & said he would not be mixing the two until after he got to try those by themselves for the first time.

Why 'root' - not that I neccesarily suggest using the root of the plant, I prefered this rendition of the name also in part due to what the experience is like - there is a very present, earthy connection - somewhat similar, to the vibe created by ingesting silly simon - except perhaps, more dryness to the vibe (think swamp to desert). As for the visuals, they were much less abstract than what I encountered with silly simon - however, with silly, I was unable to perform much guided ritual, apart from sex magick & a myriad of psi stuff. (I'm not entirely certain I could have stood if needs be) But, that's not to say, this offers no visual, it seems to offer a type that is much more structured - such as entire events, complete with thousands of people or creatures - as opposed, to an oppressive blur of ever changing colors that are completely blinding, abstract & 'drempels - like'.

Associating this substance with 'weed' on any level, is simply not fair. It almost paints a picture of being 'safe' even just using the word 'weed' as part of the title - for the average unaware sensualist. Honestly though, I can give no instruction on how exactly to harvest this stuff & prepare it for use. Although, I have heard before, it can be found occasionally, in somewhat close proximity to belladonna - an afore mentioned substance. As far as the research on the plant itself, mine's been neglegable except for personal experience. (As is often the case with me, until I've tried something willingly - and I wont on this one)

Izabael DaJinn 10-21-2007 02:01 AM

Wow! Nion, dreams and abstract pictures come about without "Broom" (giggles) imagine if I did it, to scared to try. I need to be resurfaced magickally, so maybe I might consider Salvia again. Only Salvia can make me paranoid, what can I do about the paranoia, Nion?

Nion 10-23-2007 02:03 AM

Hmm .. I am certainly not the best to give advice for conquering paranoia, as my personality somewhat typically prohibits me noticing if I'm nervous. I am very .. steady? I think I've even had what some would call 'bad trips' and not really had too bad a time, other than just getting mean for a few days afterword. Unfortunately, when I was literally blown out of my mind by the Jimson, yeah, mean was also the real problem.

However, friends of mine, who deal with 'paranoia itself' - as an actual personality trait, often employ methods such as these:

A. Beforehand

*Guiding overall mood for that day & the later experience. This can be through performing favorite activities, listening to one's favorite music & overall pampering of the id.
*Meditation - when one is fairly close to having a Bhuddist experience or an over-simplified form of Astral travel - where actual emotions and knowledges are exchanged in a direct way, as opposed to icons as the method of speaking, it can be quite healing & energizing for a good period of time.
*Tantric Yoga (and possibly even Taoist sexual alchemy) - if it's one thing I've learned, it's that there's few better ways to shift a person's mood to: unstopable, then for them to have had a recent sexually charged, godhead experience. Not only does every little bit of pleasure, spiritual, mental & physical become a kind of carrier wave - sometimes, moments may be easily relived through mere concentration. Additionally, once you're good and used to drug effects, these techniques if nothing else - will be super available, especially considering all the muscle memory & ritualistic pattern that can be required.
*Raw pagan sex - Just the old in out, in out. Going at things this way, does have its own kind of reward.
*Auto-Hypnotic Reprograming - simply hypnotise yourself & use minimal 'waking thought' to discuss changes with your subconcious. Depending on your relationship with your subconcious, you may also use this same method to learn about or unlock other latent talants, past life memories or even Goetic affinities. You may not want to try this method, if you have any sort of neurological or psychological issues - I have read where hypnosis can be damaging to a psyche in such instances. (I mention this method, because there may be people who dont do it yet & think perhaps they'll try it - but also to caution that they 'know themself' just enough to be sure it's going to be safe for them) There are extremely complex methods of doing this & then there's very basic methods. I prefer basic methods myself - but then I'm exceptionally basic emotionally. LOL The only weird side effect I can report that 'may' be due to this, is that often, I now speak out loud while I'm dreaming. So, I often wake myself up in the morning - during that all important last 20 minutes of the sleep cycle - and eirily, my subconcious does better voice acting than i do.
*Learn about a new philosophy. Well, maybe not NEW - but new to you.
*Follow a specific field of science, sheerly for having less worry over a topic (through familiarity). Such as genetics, or astro-physics.
*Play a Drum or a Flute. (two favorites, for various reasons)
*Play some other musical instrument or have a period throughout the day where you sing. Singing is very important. And so is musical aptitude, and not neccesarily so you can entertain people, it's good therapy.
*Go dancing - you can either club it up & literally just go take dance lessons - or just dance with friends/sweeties at some point on your special day, finding a groove with a person, the shared rhythem - is quite therapeautic to a psyche

B. During

*Employ an exceptionally experienced fellow Shaman - who has concentrated largely on healing, to help guide your experience. Many people, may in fact, simply call this type a Healer. Sometimes, just knowing that you have a strong individual there, to protect you & concentrate on healing you emotionally can be enough to free you from paranoia. Whoever they are, they must merely concentrate on being as 'positive' as they can with you astrally & physically, and being sure to employ audio techniques - such as a soothing voice with warm tones. .. a warm touch on the hand, when they see stress set in, an actual back massage, a scalp massage, a foot massage .. for that matter, I'm a fan of the guiding Shaman using their feet to massage me. I'm a Pisces, and my childhood next door neighbor was a podiatrist, so, I can often relate to just how important the foot really is - just from some simple astrological explanations I came accross & repeated sermons from 'Doc' in the afternoons as he drank his martini in his driveway. One of my other favorite forms of massage, is for someone to simply use special practicioner specific techniques in their massages (example: you find a Native American Healer, and He/She happens to be working with Bear totem, as is their personal aptitude, therefore - they're super good at using 'bear paw' even if only because their body shape is perfect for it), it takes a while - but once your body & mind start making patterns that repeat every time the Shaman touches you & the bioenergy is there to fuel the need - along with the proper faith energy, you'll see why I like it. Although, it wouldn't have to be any specific totem or spirit, in particular, simple faith healing (regardless of variety) - as people sometimes develope aptitudes with, can feel great. Some individuals are really exceptional with spiritual healing & by my esitimate they're in high demand. With this, I can also safely attest, that some of the accupressure & accupuncture methods found in Chinese medicine - do indeed do a nice job. Although, unless the individual is consolable about the substance you're experimenting with - you may or may not want them actively being a part of its use.
Uber simplified & typically less expensive: Have someone you love, simply give you your favorite kind of massage while you smoke. The human contant, will help you know - someone is right there with you. No matter how far into hallucinations you go.

*Lighten Up through willpower- the most important thing about any experience, is actually not what you do with it or what you acheive, it is in fact - how you deal with it & continue to function. Sometimes, simply knowing for sure that this is true - will increase success chances. As more and more precise emotional control is applied, the paranoia problem will fade away. This is merely, one of the things that happen to us all - as we get older. We're more able to just take stuff, in stride. (well, at least until we're uber grumpy - like me - then we yell at people, for watching police chase movies & turning on revolving blue lights & strobes while repeatedly shouting, 'you're under arrest' over a megaphone - while we're just trying to have a nice salvia experience) :-o

-also as part of lightening up, I would suggest that during your fun time - you do something that's very common-man, blue-collar for a few minutes that day, whether it's going bowling, shooting some pool at a bar, going roller skating/blading (by all means, ice skate if you can), playing some volleyball, shooting some hoops, or just maybe playing an old school game of pinball - for the sheer novelty & perhaps nostalgia of it. Simple little stuff like that, often makes me feel better later in the day. "hey, i played the Medusa pinball game - remember that? from back in the 80's? I only stayed alive for 4 minutes or so, but it was kinda fun - for a whole quarter - but the frisbee was free all day.' Ohh yeah, frisbee, is a favorite of mine too. (some people around here play frisbee-golf, which also sounds interesting) If you enjoy it, even flying a kite is cool - but you know, basically, hobby activities to just get you out of the house/office. Paintball is also very popular among some I know, however, I found on average that people were simply too aggressive to be enjoying themselves. Kendo however - is usually more peaceful - for it being, centered around warfare. All typical martial arts, will likely be a peaceful experience in the beginning - apart from the falling repeatedly, & will lead to philsophies of discipline & increased focus & willpower. Bodybuilding, in general, is one of the best overall things one can do to improve their mood. Continuous excersise & physical improvement not only grants more bloodflow, but more confidence - as one might expect from a typical martial art.

*Continued Use - Over time, the paranoia will fade even more as you get familiar with the substance.


Okay, I hope all of this stuff helps. I tried, to remain concise.

Nion 10-23-2007 04:30 AM

Oh yeah - an important part of altered reality is being able to find whatever your, 'quick fix' is. Many people have something that will bring them up in a flash or generally make them feel peaceful - or at least distracted from paranoia or current troubles. Whether it's old Elvis toons, funk music, the beach or simply taking a good, long hard look - at the sky. At least knowing what your best bad-mood nullifer is - will help you stay out of trouble for long periods of time, should anything go awry. The thing that's nice about this, is that the more you experience an altered state and have a good time doing it - the more you're likely to pick up new 'quick fixes', such as whatever music happens to be playing while you're scoping out the sky. It might not be your preferred genre, but you'll be a little happier with it later - typically. By far though, with myself, the last resort - is having to go stare at the sky, for the beauty of the sky - is simply the first thing, that really caught my attention as a child & it's quite literally, something I never really get tired of looking at.
Even tonight, it was one of those autumn nights outside, with a nearly full moon & thick cloudcover - with the higher altitude, thus creating the illusion that the world is that much larger. So, tonight, outside a few minutes ago, I really realized it's definitely October - because the sky was just all too familiar.

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