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Conversation Between MagickNinja and TrueLeoSnake
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  1. MagickNinja
    08-12-2016 02:53 PM
    I'm a vessel guided by my Creator, mainly into Goetia at the moment. I absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is essentially my own. I'm trying to find a legitimate grimoire for a Djinn physical manifestation.
  2. TrueLeoSnake
    08-08-2016 03:45 PM
    I'm gonna assume you mean Mystic Arts and Occult Sciences. It's pretty eclectic and extensive. I don't limit nor pigeon-hole myself to a particular paradigm but I have extensivly studied and practice the "Western Occult Tradition" including Aggrippa, and Golden Dawn, and of course Crowley and branched out from there into deep studies and pracyices of Shamanism around the globe.

    How about yourself?
  3. MagickNinja
    07-25-2016 08:47 AM
    Hello friend, what is your background?
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